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The Organ at the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in New York

Long-time music director Simon Whalley received a Bachelor’s degree in Music and a Master’s degree in Musicology from the University of Oxford. He served as the Director of Music at such institutions as Lower Chapel, Eton College, and was the conductor of the Jubilate! Chamber Choir. Most recently, Simon Whalley was the organist and music director for the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in Times Square, New York.

An episcopal parish church, the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in New York was founded in 1868 and has welcomed the community daily for worhip and support since 1870. Its organ, designed by G. Donald Harrison, was installed in 1933. An Aeolian-Skinner Opus 891, it was regarded as a unique instrument that harkened back to the time of nineteenth-denture French organs.

Recently, the organ received a new trumpet stop from Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue. The 16-foot structure was designed by G. Donald Harrison in 1956 for the organ at Saint Thomas, but was discarded during revisions of the organ. It eventually found its way to the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin and can now be heard with the rest of the organ every week.


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